R&D projects and subsidies

Hamilton Management assists with the organisation and co-ordination of your R&D projects. Over a period of more than 15 years, Hamilton Management has prepared many successful and impressive research and development projects, in a wide range of subsidy programs.

Project Management

During execution of large and complex R&D projects, communication and process control is of great importance. Good communication between the financing institue and cooordinator, but also smooth and effective communication within the project team is crucial for success. Hamilton Management has vast experience on managing and coordinating complex R&D programs.

Business Processes

To be successful with your organisation, internal business processes must effectively support the activities that are carried out for your customers. Internal business processes and procedures gradually have to be professionallised when the organisation os growing. Hamilton Management has experience with such processes and can provide support to organise your internal processes.

Technology development services

Hamilton Management has a wide range of experience with R&D project development, project execution and project administration. To support technololgy development, there are many funding opportunities. However, the process to have access to such funds, is usual complex and requires specific experience. Hamilton Management helps with the preparation of the application, but also with the project execution, project coordination and financial management of the project. Meeting the specific requirements of grant funding programs can be sometimes very complex.

The services of Hamilton Management are aimed to assit you with these grant related processes and to ensure that you maximally can concentrate on your core business while making use of technology development grants.


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