Business processes

To be successful with your organisation, internal business processes must support then activities that are carried out for your customers. That means that the whole process of requests for offers, placing and accepting orders, execution, supply, after-sales and services have to be aimed at all times to satisfy your customer. Internal business processes and procedures must maximally support your provision of services.

In most organisations, improvement is necessary from time to time. Your operating environment, your clients, your own organisation and automation possibilities change. You want to anticipate on this. Sometimes, an outsider can get positive results in a short period by using experience from other companies and by objective analysis of your internal business processes.

Hamilton Management can assist with improvement of your internal business processes in close co-operation with you, your employees and possibly with your clients. Hamilton Management has supported various business improvement processes, such as:

  • Support and advise with respect to introducing ERP-systems for project control
  • Improvement and optimisation of administrative processes at a Business Unit Administration